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22540 - I decided to visit Prague city center for this hunt, and it was a great idea. When I was passing by a high school, I met a student. He was 18 years old and very cute. He hated his fast-food job so making a few easy Crowns was tempting. Showing me his massive cock right in front of the school was risky but he did it. I couldn’t stop now so I convinced him to follow me to my place. When I saw his lean body, I got a raging boner. I hoped he would be greedy enough to forget about the school. The poor guy was more worried about the size of my cock, but money eventually calmed him down. He sucked me off very nicely, I couldn’t believe this was his first dick. Then I had to figure out how to get that thing in his virgin ass. Maybe a blowjob from an experienced guy like me would do the trick...

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Download this from [B]IGSTR