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22188 - This young man oversaw an outdoor cinema. It was a fun job but not rewarding financially. He wanted something new, more demanding, and better paid. The guy was very talkative, so we had a nice chat. He even told me details about his miserable marriage. He divorced his lazy wife and decided to start anew. Too bad it left him completely broke, so he couldn’t pay our mediation fee. Well, he wanted the new job a lot, so it was easy to talk him into some naughty stuff. I threw in a few thousand Crowns and things got interesting quickly. The guy was ripped from the gym, so he was happy to show off a little. He didn’t even wear undies… I don't think he had sex since the divorce because he was horny as hell and even cummed multiple times. Maybe I should start dating married dudes...

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Download this from [B]IGSTR