Birthday Cake - BlackMaleMe

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Felix Fox's buddies have got him a special surprise for his birthday bash: Michael Boston, who jumps out of a wrapped present wearing nothing but a pair of tight briefs and a bowtie to give Felix a lap dance. But before things get really hot and heavy, first it's time for flirty party games. Felix pins the dildo in Michael's hole, and Michael wins the right to suck Felix's cock at the wheelbarrow race. When the guys play naked musical chairs, Felix is the last to sit down when the music stops... but he hops on Michael's cock, making him the real winner. The guys serve Felix his "cake": Michael's muscle ass covered in frosting! Felix eagerly devours it before the guys enjoy a birthday flip fuck while Felix's friends watch and stroke their cocks. After pounding Michael's ass and getting pounded to boot, Felix lies down on the table to take four hot loads in a birthday bukkake!