Czech Hunter 184 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

The weather is getting better these days. I´ve met a dude, with his hoodie on he looked a bit dangerous. But that´s what I like. Party lover who rides a bike. Didn´t speak nicely about his girlfriend. She doesn´t want to live with him and he has to pay the whole rent by himself. That´s good to hear for me. I can help him out with the payment for rent. Now it´s just all about searching for his prize and all my desires will be fulfilled. Another great thing is that he has his apartment ready for us to use. Great day ahead of me, I am sure. He is Russian, so it´s bit difficult for me to understand, but it won´t be a problem, especially not cause we won´t really talk too much. I can´t wait to release all the tension I have in me this week.