Czech Hunter 186 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I bought a new cam and wanted really badly to try it out. Decided to go to Prague´s main square but somehow got lost, cause I´m not really used to drive around Prague. Streets been all empty and I needed help. I spotted young pal, asked him and he was even willing to show me the way. Started to chat with him. Found out that he works for Mc****. His salary was obviously low, he had a girlfriend and wanted to move to new place alone. So he needed money. I had this great idea. It´s a long time since I´ve had sex in my car. Showed him the money and as soon as I saw his reaction I knew I am gonna get him. Started with a quick blow job in my car, but the streets has been suddenly so crowd so we decided to rent out a hotel room, where we could continue.