Czech Hunter 523 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

This cute angel with incredibly sexy lips caught my eye right away. He was a high school student and only 18 years old. Originally from a small town in the North, he came to Prague because his friend was throwing a party at his flat. I'm pretty sure he didn't plan to have sex before getting to the party. I was lucky he had some gay experience so talking him into stuff wasn't too hard. The guy was simply so sweet... He got a boner pretty quickly and kept it till the end of the video. Even after he cummed, he was still hard! That's what I call endurance. He took great care of my boner and let me stretch his butt nicely. I just love fucking these dudes from small towns! They still know how to have proper fun. I really hope he has friends because I wanna fuck him again so badly!