Czech Hunter 549 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

Parkour is a really interesting hobby; I like watching people who are good at it. Mainly because it's done by dudes in pretty good shape. A few of my friends fucked parkour guys and it was a treat every single time. I decided to try doing the same thing and went hunting to a known parkour spot. It didn't look like a good idea at first, the place was really run down, but then I met a cutie working on his skills. Petr had a day-off from his job at a nearby farm and was sweet enough to have a little chat with me. To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention because I was totally focused on his lean body and bulging crotch. He looked a bit uncomfortable, maybe because he was hiding a huge boner in his pants. He said parkour makes him very excited... well, I could hardly find a better guy.