Czech Hunter 558 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

An excellent catch today. This guy was chilling out on a park bench while waiting for a friend, who was at work. He was in Prague for a week-long trip and the plan for the day was to party like crazy. As soon as his friend finished at work, they would hit the town. The dude had no job and clubbing in the capital can be pretty expensive, that's why I immediately tried to shove some nice cash down his throat. He didn't want to sing for me but showing me a cock was just fine. After that I simply kept offering him more and more cash and he happily did his best to satisfy me. We found a discreet place and I gave him a nice ride on my horny dick. The guy didn't have much experience, but I could tell he was having so much fun! After we both emptied our balls, he was shivering with excitement. Lovely.