Czech Hunter 568 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I wanted to treat myself, so I booked some time at a spa. A warm bath seemed like a perfect idea in this terrible weather. I kept my camera rolling just in case the place had a handsome receptionist. To my surprise, the spa was closed and the only person to be found there was a gardener. Thank god I met him because he had spare keys from the building and let me inside. The guy was only 23 years old and really cute. He was a bit grumpy at first but as soon as I gave him some cash, he became much easier. It was raining and the poor dude was freezing outside, taking care of the garden... a quick break in a hot tub had to be very tempting. So, I got myself a friend for a few Crowns and he took good care of me. Hot tub sex with a young and manly gardener... it was almost like in a romantic movie.