Czech Hunter 622 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I saw a very sad looking guy sitting on a park bench. He was really cute, so I decided to ask him what was wrong. Apparently, he caught his girlfriend cheating on him. They had a fight and broke up. Now he was trying to figure out what to do next. She wanted to go back together but he was done with her. This looked like a perfect moment to help the guy heal his broken heart. I gave him some cash, but he was at first reluctant to take it. I knew he would agree eventually, heart-broken dudes are usually easy. If you want to forget about your ex, there is nothing better than a big horny cock up your ass. When I was done with him, he needed a minute to catch a breath. This was a real hardcore break-up therapy. I even got the guy’s number so hopefully he won’t go back to his stupid ex.