Czech Hunter 625 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I was traveling around the countryside and couldn't wait to meet cute village dudes. After checking the town with no luck, I went for a little walk. I didn't expect to meet anyone in the fields, so it was bit of a shock to bump into a handsome farmer catching tan. He was looking after cows and waiting for the sun to come down. Petr was a lovely country lad, so I tried my luck and offered him some cash. He took his clothes off, and my jaw simply dropped. His body was great, but his cock was something out of this world. I'm pretty sure he was bigger than me, which doesn't happen very often. I wanted to fuck him so much, but the farmer kept refusing my offers. He sucked me but his ass was forbidden. So, I decided to lie down on my back, stick my ass out, and be the bottom this time. You'd do the same.