Debt Dandy 116 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I remember that I had a friend from India at the university. He was always the best in Mathematics and bothered us all with cricket. I long time didn´t see him but when I visited today´s client I thought that they could be related. Same face - same smile. Well, but actually he didn´t smile too much. A lot of debts brought him in a rather difficult situation. When I look back at the last two years since I am doing this job I realized two things: 1) many boys are just naive when it comes to taking loans, and 2) it is far too easy to get a loan. But this guy had luck that he called me. I was determined to solve his problem. And in my fantasy I wanted to make my former Indian friend strip naked, then go on his knees and suck me before I finally go for his little, hairy ass...