Debt Dandy 235 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no wonder, the apartment building he was living in was about to be demolished. He had three days to find a new accommodation. He picked a flat but unfortunately he was unemployed and broke. He couldn´t even pay for the deposit. But he didn´t like what I asked for in exchange. He had a girlfriend and didn´t want to do me any sexual favors. But the deadline was scaring him so much that he agreed to be my little bitch. Too bad his girlfriend wasn´t there, I´d love to hear her opinion about the boy´s boner. She would be so envious! I shoved my cock down his throat and then pounded his tight shaven ass. It was so goddamn cute that I cummed all over that sweet hole. I hope he cleaned his bedroom before she came home.