Debt Dandy 53 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I´ve never seen someone as "special" as the guy I´ve picked today. From the beginning I´ve noticed that he was smiling all the time. Once I´ve asked him about his debts, his stupidity amazed me. He couldn´t even recall exact amount he owed and to who. So I said ok. I´m gonna teach you a lesson, my friend. What turned me on was his well build body. Such a hunk, he was. Once I finally get his debts on a paper, I gave him a command to get naked and show me some stretching. His muscles were huge and sexy. Couldn´t wait any longer so I asked him to give me an instant blow job. Seeing his asshole in a TV´s reflection was a big turn on for me. Gents, if you are looking for hot sex go for dummies with masculine bodies. That´s a sure thing!