Debt Dandy 54 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I packed my briefcase and charged the camera as always. The thing is that I never know what or who is waiting for me. Todays young lad was just my type. He lived in a big apartment with his GF and a roommate. He left just when we came in. So we had privacy for what was about to happen. His debt was huge, 40 000 CZK. I knew this is gonna be easy with the sum so high. From the beginning he didn´t believe me that I would just give him the money, especially after a phone call he had with his GF. But after a while, I threatened him that I´ll just take the money and leave. And the was the turning point. Within few moments he striped down and been on his knees. Sucking me off like a little bitch. And very soon I will widen his tight asshole.