Debt Dandy 67 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

So finally the Xmas is here and we are looking forward to new years eve. This little fella is the perfect Xmas catch. I hope you all gonna enjoy him as much as I did. I helped to 67 young dudes this year and got a lot of pleasure from it which I shared with all of you. I had them all, tall, short, well built and slim fit, too. So overall it was very good year. This young cutie with his tiny body and sweet face is just a perfect cherry on the top of the Debt Dandy cake. He was just renovating his new apartment when his girlfriend left him. It was bit harder to make him agree to my offer but at the end he had to. Once I talked him into it I knew that I am gonna enjoy that as much as I can. Gents I wish you all the best to 2015 and I´ll see you soon.