Debt Dandy 93 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I have already seen a lot since I started to work for my friend Martin. But this boy´s flat was far below average. The bed was basically a mattress put on some wood. All his furnitures looked like from before world war II - just to mention his bedroom. And also his financial situation was desperate. His ex-girlfriend wanted money from him, he has to pay for crashing a car and so on. He needed far more money that I had with me. However, I offered him 40,000 Crowns as a help. Of course and as always not for free. And then he started to think. Not too long even - as desperate as he was. First I wanted him to take off his cheap and old clothes. To see his lean body and his hairy prick. Then I wanted him to shove my rock-hard dick deep into his mouth...