Dirty Scout 129 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I had a bad feeling about this boy at first. He looked too capable, confident, and intelligent. He also had good schools and a pretty extensive experience as an accountant at his home town. He also tried to make it in the film industry as an extra. It´s usually not easy to convince guys with a good qualification into doing naughty stuff. Well, I couldn´t be more wrong about the boy. He had a girlfriend but also used to "experiment" during high school a bit. I wonder if his girl knew about his "artistic" side. I think this little sucker enjoyed every single part of our interview. Especially the part when I didn´t have any pants on. He sucked me incredibly and let me destroy his ass. For a price, of course. But I didn´t care, he was worth a lot more than I actually paid him.