Dirty Scout 168 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

A college student came to my office looking for a part-time job. He had some problems with his roommate, and wanted to move away from him. To do that he needed a well-paid job. The boy was intelligent, and educated enough so I picked for him a job as a sales representative. He was very nice and luckily agreed to undress in order to save 5 000 Crowns for our mediation fee. When he told me that his girlfriend was waiting for him at a nearby cafe, I almost chuckled. I knew she was going to wait there for a while. His body was amazing. I was slowly pushing him towards my final goal of fucking him when I realized I didn't have enough money! He just sucked me nicely, and suddenly I was standing there with my hard, half-sucked cock wanting to fuck. I had to figure out what to do quickly!