Dirty Scout 248 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

This young man made some serious mistakes while planning his career. First, he became a hairdresser but didn't like the trade much. Becoming a fireman was his new life goal. He enrolled at college in order to get the appropriate education. The guy was quite small so his chances of being an actual fireman were low. I didn't want to crush his hopes so I at least tried to find him a job that would come close to his dream. I offered him a night shift at a fire station. He would help around but not do anything dangerous. He liked it enough to drop his pants when he realized there was a mediation fee to pay. The dude was small but nicely lean, it was obvious that he liked sports. Now was the time to test what his body could take. He wasn't bad at all. I stretched him nicely and then he milked me dry.