Dirty Scout 272 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

This young man worked for his friend and didn’t like it very much. He needed money but his friend wasn’t exactly generous when it came to rewarding his employees. That’s why our agency was supposed to help yet another applicant to change his life. It didn’t take much effort. The guy was a very experienced construction worker, so I hired him as a construction manager. Of course, not everything went this smoothly. The cutie couldn’t afford our mediation fee and my help doesn’t come free. Maybe he was desperate, maybe just fed up with all those money sucking ex-girlfriends, but the guy quickly agreed to do almost everything I proposed. Not only he sucked me balls deep, but he also let me stretch his nicely firm asshole wide open. Trust me, it wasn’t that easy for him. Still, he agreed to meet again…