Dirty Scout 60 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

A cute Slovakian guy came to my office today. He wanted to move to the Czech Republic to seek a better life. Good he came to my office. He had that awesome appearance of a gentle thug. A gorgeous combination of nicely done hair, athletic physique, tattoos, and a shy smile. And he didn´t have a girlfriend... I was almost sure he will be in some fun. I was wrong or maybe I wasn´t his type. Well, I tried to get what I could. Without spoiling the most interesting moments, I can say that this meeting didn´t ended up too quickly. Afterwards, he was so shaken by the experience he could barely talk and then he almost forgot his hard earned money on my table! My cock sometimes has this effect on people. It´s hard to concentrate when you have to deal with my sledgehammer.