Football Hero Scene 2 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Depressed that he's facing bullying from his other teammates, Ty Roderick decides to drown his sorrows and decide if he's going to keep playing football at a bar. He spots Jamie Saunders across the room with an empty drink, and offers to refill his glass in exchange for some company. Jamie recognizes Ty as the football player who made the news by coming out of the closet, and suggests a way that he can help Ty relieve some of the stress that the athlete is under. The boys rush out of the bar to find themselves rolling around naked on a bed. Jamie can't wait to taste Ty's mouth and fat cock, and Ty can't wait to taste Jamie's ass. Jamie pants, his eyes rolling back in pleasure as his legs are pinned over his head by the strong athlete. Ty takes Jamie from behind a lightly plays with his neck, kissing him and wrapping his hands around his body. Jamie cums hard while still being fucked by Ty, and Ty relieves his stress all over Jamie's stomach.