Forbidden Encounters 2 Scene 1 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Liam Harkmoore shows up at Rob Yaeger's house when his family is out of town. Rob is Liam's professor and they've been having an affair together in at school, but this is the first time Liam has seen Rob in his own home. The flames of lust burn bright between them and they grope each other wildly and kiss passionately in Rob's living room. Rob guides his student to the bed and they help each other take off their clothes. After teasing his body, Liam removes Rob's underwear and wraps his lips around Rob's hard cock, making him roll back his eyes in pleasure. Liam gets super hard blowing his teacher and he can't wait for Rob to put his dick into his pink asshole. Liam is a big_dicked bottom so he loves it when his professor tongues his hole and fucks him into the mattress. Liam shoots a big load of cum onto himself; and his teacher, unable to hold back anymore, does too.