Forbidden Encounters Scene 1 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Ludo Sander takes Billy Santoro into his bedroom to discuss their secret affair. Things are complicated between them because Billy's brother will soon be marrying Ludo's mom, making him Ludo's uncle. Ludo wants to call it off, but Billy doesn't want to give up that easily. He embraces Ludo in a passionate kiss, reminding him why they're in this sticky situation to begin with. After a heavy makeout session, their grasping hands need to take it further, and they give in to desire for each other. Billy plays with Ludo's nipples and licks his chest, and they rub their jeaned bulges together until they're both hard. 'Kiss me' says Billy while he fucks Ludo hard from the side. They flip over and Ludo rides Billy until both are moaning with pleasure. Billy makes Ludo stand and continues fucking him and kissing his neck until both of them erupt in desire all over Ludo's twinky body and share a final post_orgasmic kiss.