Forbidden Encounters Scene 4 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Ty Roderick meets Liam Harkmore in his bedroom, where the two begin to hash out their issues. They are brothers_in_law, living in the same household, but are carrying on an affair behind their parents backs. Ty confesses that the secret he shares with Liam makes him horny with forbidden desire, and the two boys come together for a hot kiss. They ditch their clothes, and Liam takes Ty's full shaft into his throat, sucking him while Ty fingers Liam's asshole. They wrestle tongues while stroking each other's cocks, and Ty pushes Liam down to start eating his ass. Once Liam's hole is prepped, his brother_in_law slides his dick inside and starts pounding him on the bed. Liam holds onto his own feet to spread his legs wider. He spins over and lets Ty take him doggie style, grabbing the bedsheet in pleasure. The two boys hold each other and kiss passionately as Liam wraps his legs around Ty, thrusting deeper inside until they both explode on Liam's stomach.