Forgive Me 4 Scene 4 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

His last confession weighs heavily on his mind, and as he rests Ty Roderick fantisizes about stroking his cock through is priest cassock, imagining Alexander Gustavo's pleas for help and guidance. Father Ty can't resist the temptation. Alexander enters the confessional and excitedly begins sucking Father Roderick to full attention.

Without further discussion Ty indicates to follow him to his living quarters. Seeking salvation, Alexander ravishes this man of the cloth before him, sucking his long curved dick as Ty gets his ass nice ready for what's to come. After a thorough rimming Alexander cries in pleasure as he is pounded from below.

Ty sucks Alexander's stiff cock as he's fucking him, and they kiss with unbridled passion. Ty's gyrating hips prod at Alexander's insides, causing him to cum with a powerful body orgasm right onto his toned stomach, followed shortly by Ty's thick dripping load.

Abruptly rousing, Father Ty comes to realize that this last sexual adventure was more than just a thought.