Forgive Me Scene 1 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Lance Hart has returned to the church where he used to study to be a priest. He confesses to Father Francisco that he left the church because he met a parishioner that he felt a strong connection with, a guy that was also interested in the priesthood. Lance felt a strange reaction to the guy, Tommy Defendi, who was curious when he found out Lance quit his studies. Tommy shows up at his place and they both talk about their wandering faith. Lance admits to Tommy that he's never had sex, and Tommy offers to be his first, and open Pandora's box. They kiss and Tommy unbuttons Lance's shirt and his pants. In no time at all Lance is tasting dick for the first time and loving every minute of it. The guys strip down and Tommy leads Lance to the bed to take things further, deepthroating Lance's shaft. Tommy slides his cock into Lance's virgin hole and fucks the former priest until he cums on Tommy's abs, who in turn sprays a huge load all over Lance's chest.