Forgive Me Scene 4 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Nick Capra is very distraught as he enters the confession booth to rid himself of the guilt that he feels over a student that he's counseling. Armond Rizzo has a rough background, but went to college to try and turn his life around. That's where he met Nick, his biology teacher. Nick started getting strange feelings for the boy, so to avoid conflict he decided to avoid him. Armond wouldn't have this and showed up at his apartment to confront his teacher. Nick caresses Armond's cheek and pulls him in for a kiss. Nick strips Armond of his clothes and starts hungrily sucking his dick on the couch. He takes off his own pants and eats Armond's ass while getting sucked. The boy spins around and sits on Nick's hard cock until it stretches his tight hole. He flips Armond over and fucks him with one ankle over his shoulder, making his student whimper in pleasure until they both satisfy their lust.