Gay Massage House 2 Scene 3 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Jacob Ladder is next up to get a massage from Andrew Fitch. Jacob knows he's gay, but grew up in the bible belt, so he's pretty deep in the closet. Andrew's job is to get him out and wake up his attraction to men by giving him a full_body rubdown. He starts by rubbing Jacob's chest, trying to ease up his tension. Jacob's manhood is covered by a blanket, but as Andrew moves lower, he takes it off altogether and rubs right near where Jacob's legs meet. Jacob's breathing starts to get heavy as his desire rises. Then Andrew starts rubbing his cock and balls and leans in for a sensual kiss. Jacob slips Andrew's pants off and starts returning the massage on Andrew's shaft. Andrew takes good care of Jacob's body, kissing, sucking and licking it all over. He props Jacob up with a towel and slips inside to massage his client in one of those hard_to_reach places. Andrew continues kissing Jacob while fucking him, until Jacob gets the happy ending that he was desperately needing.