His Daughter's Boyfriend Scene 1 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Connor Maguire is becoming very close with Nick Capra's daughter, Siri; until she finds out that her boyfriend was seen leaving a gay bar. Nick comforts his concerned daughter, while across town Connor gets a phone call from his friend Ty Roderick. Ty called because he wanted to tell his friend about his latest hook up with a hot guy from the bar named Kyler Ash. The guys barely said two words to each other before they found themselves making out in the bedroom. Kyler can't wait to put his hands all over Ty, kissing his nipples and his trimmed chest. Both boys quickly strip the rest of their clothes off and Kyler props himself up to sit on Ty's rock_hard penis. Ty flips him around to get on top, and chokes the twink lightly as Kyler encourages him to thrust harder. Ty finishes by cumming in Kyler's mouth while getting his balls licked, and Kyler jerks himself to completion. Back on the phone call, Ty sends Connor a text with Kyler's number on it to give him a call, if he ever felt inclined.