Men Seeking Men Scene 2 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Jessie Colter is drinking at a bar when he recognizes Nick Capra as the guy he's agreed to meet up with online. Nick is nervous upon their meeting because Jessie is a well_known porn actor, but he reassures Nick that he actually has a hard time dating because of his job. Nick's wife is away and he confesses to Jessie that he's always been curious about being with another man. The guys finish their drinks and Nick's curiosity takes him over to Jessie's place. Nick isn't sure what he wants but he is seduced by the pornstar's lips and they start kissing and undressing on the bed. Jessie slowly pushes Nick further until his pants are off and his dick is in his mouth. Once both guys are rock hard, Jessie slides Nick's juicy meat into his asshole. Nick flips Jessie around and fucks him hard from behind until he's gripping the bed for dear life. Nick pounds Jessie and jerks him until both guys cum all over themselves.