Sugar Daddies 2 Scene 2 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Adam Russo soaks in a hot tub with young hunk Brandon Wilde. Sipping his drink and relaxing while Brandon rubs his Daddy's feet. If Brandon wants him to help fix his Jeep, he needs to help him relax another way. Adam's possessive desires wants his boy all to himself.Adam lifts his dick out of the water, and Brandon wastes no time working his Daddy's swollen cock with his sweet mouth. Soap suds cling to its engorged shaft as he slowly sucks his way to the base. Reaching back to play with his hole, Adam's boy shows it to him and bends himself over the edge of the tub. Adam can't resist it and goes in for a taste. Driving his tongue deep into his tight boy ass, Brandon pulls him into it. Kissing tenderly, they stand before Sugar Daddy Adam reaches behind and fingers his boy sweet hole. Adam slides into his boy. Fucking his tight boy ass slow at first, he picks up in intensity.Brendan is back on his knees, worshiping Adam's stiff cock, choking himself on it's stiffness before climbing up on his Daddy and riding him on the side of the tub. Adam bends him over the edge of the tub again, pounding his ass until he blows his load all over his smooth cheeks. Fingering his boy's hole, Adam helps him cum thick ropes into the air, before Brandon licks his own spunk off his fingers.