Booty At The Border - MEN

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22387 - After all the flights are cancelled, customs agents Shana Lane and Tony D'Angelo have to find another way to entertain themselves in the empty airport. Shana pulls down her uniform trousers to show her coworker her tight booty, and Tony spanks her with the wand metal detector. They're so distracted, they almost don't notice solo traveler Theo Brady sneaking past them through security! When they catch him, Tony pushes him up against the wall, and Theo sucks the tattooed hunk's cock, but Shana wants her fun too. She pulls Theo into the security office and rips open his pants, finding the butt plug he's smuggling in his hole. Shana plays with it as she rubs her pussy, until Tony busts in, rimming Theo, then fucking him doggystyle as Theo licks Shana's pussy. The guys take turns fucking Shana's pussy and her mouth, then Tony licks her as the passenger cums on her tits. Shana and Theo share Tony's load, but Theo is about to break one last rule...

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