Roadside ASS-istance - MEN

Channel: MEN

When they get lost and their car breaks down, Benjamin Blue insists he can fix it himself, but his bf Theo Brady flags down passing driver Markus Kage, who offers the guys the use of his tools. Markus's toolbox is full of dildos, and Theo eagerly tells the hairy hunk to use one on him before Markus sneakily fucks him doggystyle. When Benjamin catches them, he teaches Theo a lesson, sticking the suction cup dildo to the car door and using it to pound his hole, then demands Markus come over and fuck Theo's face as Benjamin gives it to him doggystyle. The tops switch, then Benjamin directs Markus to fuck Theo on the hood till the bottom cums, then Benjamin and Markus shoot all over his chest.