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Channel: Sean Cody
Pornstars: Aaron
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Aaron is a cummer. When he goes, it's powerful and far!

I almost thought that he was too shy at first, like he was holding back... typical camera shyness, I guess. After seeing a stream of cum fly over his head, then another onto his face, and then another all over his chest, I realized that there was no holding back there.

“Damn, not only did you shoot yourself on the forehead, you shot a good four feet above your head. The cum stain on the floor comes down all the way to here.” The camera had to move back to get the shot.

“I’ve never shot that far."

“It’s in your hair, it’s on your face, it’s all the way down your chest... That was insane!”

“I feel great right now,” he chuckled as he wiped the cum off his face.

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