Blowing Hunter - Sean Cody

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19766 - Hunter was there in the gym with Brady. Brady was going suck his dick and Hunter knew it. Hunter was nervous. Brady was ready to get startedLike many guys who are indulging in man sex for the first time, Hunter was talking a lot about his female conquests. And that usually leads into the inevitable question about who gives better head — guys or girls.I think a guy gives a better blow job most of the time,& Brady said. Hunter laughed nervously.A good way to get guys to relax is to have them compare their bodies. I don't know why that works, but it does. Maybe it takes them back to their school days when they were comparing their dicks and hair in the locker room with their buddies.That's the kind of six pack I want,& Hunter said, pointing to Brady's ripped abdomen.Hunter was a little self conscious about his hairy legs.I feel like a gorilla,& he joked.Nah, it's good to be a man,& Brady said reassuringly.And then, Hunter took a deep breath and Brady began caressing his penis. Brady sucked on Hunter's nipples and then nibbled his way down to his cock...

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