Blowing Wes - Sean Cody

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Getting a straight guy to agree to have his dick sucked by another guy is something you have to ease into. Brothers Logan and Wes had never been in front of the camera before, but after doing a jerk off contest together, they seemed more likely to be willing.

Wes was nervous about getting blown by another dude. It wasn't so much that he was afraid someone would find out... it was more that he didn't know if he would be able to do it.

Grady had been out a while ago and had such a good time that he wanted to come back for more. I would have to loved to suck Wes off myself, but I thought it was time to give someone else a crack at a hot straight dick.

So, we all got together and shot the shit for a while to get Wes relaxed. Grady started rubbing his shoulders and before I knew it Wes' hard dick was springing out of his underwear.

According to Wes, Grady gives some pretty good head!

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Download this from Sean Cody