Giovanni - Sean Cody

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20800 - Muscular, hung stud Giovanni is 26-years-old with Italian roots, and he’s definitely proud of it! “I have a big, Italian cock!” says brown-haired Giovanni. “If I were to describe my dick to you, it would be a cut dick that hangs very low. I have a great ball to shaft ratio, and he’s got a great personality! Perks up when you walk into the room! It’s very friendly, and a people person.” He continues, “I realized I had a large dick in tenth grade when my girlfriend named me Seabiscuit, after a famous race horse.” “I would say I jack off at least once a day. I’m more of a night time jerker-offer, and yes, I have tasted my own cum! I’m not afraid to admit it, and I think every guy has.”

Download this video from Sean Cody
Download this from Sean Cody