Heath & Trent - Sean Cody

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19774 - Trent is an open book. I think he just says whatever comes to mind without any kind of censoring going on at all.We were getting ready for the shoot and Heath was naked, lifting some weights to get the pumping. That was the first time Trent saw him naked. Of course, Heath's dick was out there, swinging all over the place.Dude!& Trent said. &Your cock is huge!Heath smiled and before I knew it they were comparing cocks, biceps, and chest hair patterns. The chest hair thing became the &big deal& because they both have an almost identical triangular pattern.That was really the only similarity I saw, though. Trent has put on even more muscle, but Heath is definitely bigger.Trent has really taken to getting fucked. I mean, he just seems to love it!He LOVED riding Heath's big cock!

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Download this from Sean Cody