Palm Springs Getaway Part 1 - Sean Cody

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22226 - It's a perfect day for lying out by the pool in Palm Springs, and Nicky, Casey, Josh and Phillip are enjoying the warm sun and soft breezes. As the guys lie out together on their chaises, Casey starts getting horny, letting his hands roam over his body and through his bathing suit, until he attracts the attention of the other guys. Phillip takes out Nicky's cock and begins sucking it as Casey starts to suck Josh, and soon both pairs of guys are fucking doggystyle! Phillip rides Nicky as nearby Casey rides Josh reverse, then Nicky puts Phillip into piledriver position as Josh turns Casey on his back. Casey is the first to orgasm as Josh pounds into him, and the top licks it up! Phillip blows a huge load before Nicky pulls out to cum on him, and Josh aims his jizz into Casey's mouth!

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Download this from Sean Cody