JC - Solo - Sean Cody

Channel: Sean Cody

A tennis and volleyball player with a nice big ass and a crowd-pleasing uncut cock, longtime Sean Cody fan JC is here to shoot his solo today, and whether you like tops or bottoms, you're sure to enjoy this hunk! "Sexually, I'm a bit of a power vers," he says with a laugh. "I really like to flip-flop during sex, it's super hot to just have a guy pound me and then throw him on his back and fuck him." JC shows off his muscles for you and spanks his ass so you can enjoy the jiggle, then strips off as he caresses his broad chest and rubs his hard dick. JC strokes his cock, then gets on his knees to give you a view of his hole as he fucks the couch, moaning as he fingers himself. JC's moans grow louder until he orgasms, then tastes his cum. "Let's go again!" he says with a grin!