Czech Hunter 311 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

On the last day of school, just before summer holidays, I got invited to a grill party. A friend I haven´t seen for some time called me and invited me to a party to celebrate the end of school. I was more than happy to go, of course. Nice weather, even nicer boys and free meat. What else could a guy like me ask for? As I expected, people at the party got wild pretty fast. I just had to find the right moment to talk to them alone. Which wasn´t easy but I know how to separate the prey from it´s herd. One by one all the boys fell victims of my lust. They were difficult to talk into it but they all were greedy. They planned a big night out in the centre so the more money, the better. Summer was just starting for them. And summer can be a very expensive time of year...