Czech Hunter 545 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

Alex was an incredibly cute guy originally from Russia. I met him while hunting on the outskirts of Prague. I spotted him sunbathing at a river and I instantly fell in love with him. He was a really nice guy, we had a great chat about Russia and his time here in Czech. The whole time I was trying to slowly lead him towards doing something sexual, but it wasn't easy. He was just 18 years old and had a girlfriend back in Russia... so not an easy target. At least he wasn't shy to show me his beautiful body. I had to figure out how to get him somewhere discreet... there was a forest nearby, but I didn't want to scare the guy. Eventually everything went just great. I couldn't believe what a passionate dude he was! He enjoyed it all and promised to call me if he gets horny again. I hope he will.