Debt Dandy 136 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

This boy looked kind of hopeless. Most guys come for my help before it´s already too late. Not this one. He got into trouble but he didn´t try to settle the debts at all. Eventually, a distrainor bought the debts and seized almost everything the poor boy had. Sitting in the empty apartment, he was trying hard to figure out how to get his stuff back. And then he saw my little advertisement. I explained to him the seriousness of the situation and offered him a way out. He struggled for few minutes but he wanted his TV back, I guess. Good for him I was in a cuddly mood. I took him in the tub and gently cleaned his young body. It was a great idea, my cock slid inside his soaked and warm ass almost too easily. It felt like a spa holiday.