Debt Dandy 162 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I think it´s embarrassing when a grown up man lives with his mother. And it´s revolting when he gets her in danger because of his stupid actions. This boy probably wanted to make quick cash or maybe he got wrong people angry, I don´t know. He didn´t want to tell me and I didn´t care. All that mattered was his immediate need of money and the beautiful muscular figure I could see under the clothes. He was desperate and scared so he agreed. He tried very badly to please me and he was doing very well. But he saved the best thing to the end. I´ve seen a lot of asses during my life and this one now belongs to my personal top ten. Maybe I´ll try a new tactics next time. It seems that Czech boys are very anxious not to disappoint their parents. Very interesting...