Debt Dandy 55 - [B]IGSTR

Channel: Czech Hunter

I´ve been sick whole week. This autumn weather is killing me. But one have to work. So I switched on my laptop and picked my today´s troubled young man. I was very surprised once I saw him. Very different from what I saw so far with my Dandy project. Piercings, tattoos and tunnels in his ears. One has to like something like this. I am no a fan of it, but this dude has a lot of charisma. Once I summed up his debts, I was surprised that it isn´t that much. Just 17,000 CZK. Usually it is way more. Took me some time to talk him into my kinky wishes. When we started his roommate walk in on us. It gave me even more energy and my dick grow up another few inches. With this killer hard-on I couldn´t wait any longer to pop his cherry.