Forbidden Encounters Scene 2 - Icon Male

Channel: Icon Male

Adam Russo and Ty Roderick have gotten together in a hotel room to discuss a big issue. Soon Adam will be marrying Ty's mother, making him Ty's stepfather. As they battle with their guilt to decide if they want to continue enjoying together behind her back, Adam's unbuttoned shirt seduces Ty, who undoes Adam's buttons and the two are pulled into a deep kiss. Their cravings overtake them and soon Adam's pants are on the floor, followed by his briefs. Adam takes Ty's dick and balls into his mouth, making his future stepson roll his head back in pleasure. Ty's own cock twitches as he sucks off his soon-to-be-stepdad. Adam holds his legs open as he lets Ty take him on the bed, pounding him deep. Adam grunts and cries out as he's being fucked every which way by Ty. Adam finished by jerking himself while he's being pounded and cums all over his hairy stomach. Ty pulls out and milks himself dry, and the guys have yet another sticky situation on their hands.